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February 2014

The Day is Done

“The Day is Done”, Acrylic on Canvas, 34″ W x 24″ H.

This group of hard working men captured my attention after they completed a day’s work paving the driveway of a new home. The fellow sitting in the wheelbarrow was especially a wonderful subject for painting.

I hoped to convey the friendship and relaxed atmosphere that I sensed among this group who had just  completed their work.


“Red Cow”,  Acrylic on Canvas, 24″ W x 20″ H.

I painted “Red Cow” for the juried Texas Visual Art Assoication Show titled “Red”.   It was an honor to have “Red Cow” accepted into the show.

As someone who grew up in the middle of Iowa Farmland it was great fun to paint this cow.  I took a photo of him in the middle of a busy intersection in Plano on a small field with a small group of cows.  The irony of seeing him in the middle of the city was something that made me stop to take his photo.


Red Cow ready for export to the web