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Finishing my “Garden Series” today

Each of these paintings were started at different times. Without a “real garden visual reference” I would put them away after struggling to get them “right”. Today I finally took the time to look at photos of real roses and that was the connection that I needed to “finish” these three paintings. They became my Garden Series. Thinking of “My Secret Garden” as Titles for l, ll, and lll.

Garden Series l for Web Page

Oil on Canvas 11″ x 14″

Garden Series ll for Web page

Oil on Linen Board 9″ x 12″

Garden Series lll for Web Page

Acrylic on Canvas 24″ x 30″

Playing with Oil Paint

Lately I have just wanted to paint on the “spur of the moment” with no goal than to simply play with the paint. My ideas are usually inspired by a photo I have taken. But the three paintings that I am posting were painted with no reference photos and were intended to be “painting for fun”. There was no goal in my mind. They became an “Ocean Series” without any intention. Perhaps my mind it telling me it is time to take a trip to a lovely beach somewhere.

One of my favorite experiences in life has been whale watching so it was a logical choice for a “fun painting”. It was inspired by my fascination with these huge magical creatures. Staring out at the vast expanse of water hoping to catch a glimpse of a whale surfacing is a bit amusing – and discovering them popping up very close to the boat is an incredible experience. Baby whales are curious and the boat is something they like to check out.

My next painting adventure? Taos! Watch for postings of my paintings inspired by the beautiful southwest.

!Whale Watching for Web PageRough Seas for Web PageSunset for Web Page