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Inspired by Hawaii

Watercolor Painting in Maui

Hawaii inspires an entirely different palette. My most recent trip was a wonderful reminder of why Hawaii is loved for its ocean views, trade winds blowing the palm trees, the scent of tropical flowers, lush tropical plants and more. There is so much to learn about Hawaii and a trip there is simply a window into the island life.

My new watercolor painting book was the perfect place to record a few fleeting moments of a special time.

“Into the Woods” – Plein Air Painting in Taos

Into the Woods for Web Page (3)

Inspired by the beauty of Taos, New Mexico; this oil painting was painted in “Plein Air” in the Carson Forest just outside of Taos. I met a wonderful couple from Portland, Oregon with their dear 5 year old son Cole. It was a joy to talk to Cole about the wonders of painting, horses, color and the smell of the trees in the meadow. Plein Air Painting is inspirational for many different reasons. And sweet Cole was certainly one for me.