Monthly Archives: January 2015

Using up Paint & Working Fast!!!

Abstract Trees 1

I had some leftover paint and literally painted most of this painting in less than 15 minutes. I like some of the spontaneous paintings that I have started, but find I overwork them as I continue on with painting. So when I decided I liked this painting “I Stopped”! After letting it sit for several days I went back to it adding in the blue sky and some light touches to the water. I love teal blue against yellow and enjoyed “finishing?” this painting.

Painting “Big” in 2015

Coral Sky 1

At 36″ square this is a large painting for me. Because I am an impulsive painter I started this with idea of painting a landscape and a lovely sky. It came together as you see it. But I learned a valuable lesson-I need to sketch and plan first. I would rather correct on paper than on a canvas this size. I am especially happy with the sky in this painting. And working large did not intimidate me due to the fact that the canvas fit on my easel!