Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Dance

Inspired by Renee Lalique, this painting is in acrylic on canvas panel. The crystal figure created by Lalique is a woman holding draped fabric, like a curtain drape from her arms. It is a stunning piece due to the lines of the draped fabric. My painting is inspired by the figure of the woman. In Lalique’s figure she is kicking up her heels whereas I chose to make her a ballet figure instead.

The Dance l

Forest in Green

“Forest in Green” was achieved using acrylic and oil paint, palette knife and brush. My intent was to produce a loose painting utilizing movement and color to convey a feeling of this forest scene. It took layers of color, some applied with the palette knife to bring it to life. Each layer of color was carefully chosen but the final result was intended to look spontaneous. I am most happy with this painting. (today anyway!)

Forest in Green 1