Monthly Archives: May 2015

This painting is also in progress this week. It has been a week of touching up old oil paintings and starting new ones. This 18″ x 24″ painting began as a washy abstract that evolved into a floral painting that works well for my Garden Series. It is still under construction. I will post the finished piece soon.


Another Ocean Painting for my Ocean Series. This painting is 14″ x 18″ on linen board. It started out as an abstract using the colors in the sky. After building up texture through multiple layers of paint and working from all angles I found myself liking the colors as a sky and then of course the ocean came to mind. It is all about color and texture.

Ocean Blue ll 14 x 18 Oil Painting by Ann Hauber Rowley

Ocean Blue

The beauty of the ocean has always fascinated me. This painting in oil expresses the image in mind of the sea at night with a golden glowing moon.


Pink Donuts

While on vacation I took a photo of a plate of donuts at the breakfast bar at the hotel. They looked wonderful in a delicious art form sort of way. When I came home I played with the photo in some iPhone apps. I do not have Photo Shop and I am afraid that if I did I would immerse myself in learning more about it-therefore using up painting time.

“Pink Donuts” was fun to create.

Pink donuts

Today I think I am finished with this painting of Buster. I have decided to tone down the orange collar after I saw this photo. This is a large oil painting at 36″ x 36″. If you scroll down you will see photos of the beginning process of this painting. It has been to a joy to paint Buster. I have completed paintings of Buster in Acrylic, Watercolor and Oil.