Monthly Archives: November 2015

Painting & Rotator Cuff Surgery Do not Mix

Farewell for awhile.   A nasty fall many years ago is now wreaking havoc on my shoulder.  So Rotator Cuff Surgery is on the schedule.   Lots of physical therapy until I can paint again.  Contemplating what my left hand will produce.  Maybe I will share “left hand art”  in a couple of months.  Or maybe some photos?  I do like photography…but steady photos with one hand could be questionable…….

Will miss painting.

Working in Oils this Month

“Portrait Study in Limited Palette” is just that. A good exercise that offered me new insight in my painting in several ways. Continued exploration in color, value, along with that important exercise of “drawing”. And finally there is that wonderful experience of working with paint and brush. It all sounds so simple. But the painting must come together in so many different ways.

Watermarked Photos

“Stormy Seas” has been worked on quite a bit more. Adding more color to the sky and working on color and movement in the sea. Thinking I am happy with this painting. And I am most pleased that this vision came from a spark within…. inspired by the orange color coming from the underpainting.

Watermarked Photos-7

Abstract Painting is becoming more fascinating to me. I painted this piece after the latest terrorist attacks in Paris. As someone who paints with emotion I felt the colors and movement of the paint expressed the sadness of the day.

Watermarked Photos-5