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Painting Digitally

Trying out my new Apple Pencil on the Macbook Pro as my painting arm is healing.  I am definitely a hands on painter – preferring oil on canvas.  But as my arm heals I am trying an approach that lets me create and use my painting hand while it is in the sling.  Thinking this might be my new “sketch book”.Attachment-1

Drawing Arm Update

My Rotator Cuff Surgery went well on December 8th.  I am halfway through six weeks in the sling.  At three weeks  the metal brace portion of the sling was removed.  Just having that removed has improved my mobility and helped me feel much better.  In a month I will start Physical Therapy.  I am ready for that challenge as I am ready to paint again!I love to paint

Frida Kahlo: La Flor de la Vida (The Flower of Life) (December 5, 2015-January 30,2016)

Frida Kahlo: La Flor de la Vida (The Flower of Life)-The Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas, Texas

(December 5, 2015-January 30,2016)

The Opening Reception was wonderful. Great turnout, lovely ladies and girls dressed as Frieda-“uni brows” and all! I was thrilled to have my painting included in the Exhibit Brochure. Many wonderful works in the show and you can still visit it until January 30th!