Playing with Abstract Art Today

This small abstract is oil on canvas. 8″ x 10″. When this sweet little painting is dry it will be ready to ship. Please contact me if you are interested in buying it!


A Productive Week

A Very Productive Week working in Oils.

The top painting is a new painting based on an old painting. Title: A Day in the Garden. Second painting is something totally new for me. And it was a really fun new direction. The bottom two landscapes were all about color. A very productive week indeed.

A Day in the Garden by Ann Hauber Rowley-1

A Day in the Garden by Ann Hauber Rowley-2

A Day in the Garden by Ann Hauber Rowley-3

A Day in the Garden by Ann Hauber Rowley-4

Playing with Pastels

This week I decided to try pastels. This botanical piece is pastel over a “failed watercolor”. I love reusing a “failed” piece for experimentation. The work of Odilion Redon has always inspired me. As I was drawing I had his work in my mind. I hope to lighten areas to broaden the values.



Working in oil and acrylic this week. “Rough Seas” is oil on canvas. Lots of palette knife work on this painting.


Sketchbook Painting

One more session of the “Philosophy of the Sketchbook” has me painting. Hoping I will be as motivated when the workshop is over! Am loving my new watercolor pencils. It is sketching and playing at the same time.



Remembering my Father

Remembering my Father

It will be ten years next month since my dearest Father passed away. In his honor I am painting him again, in watercolor this time. He was the best man ever. A treasure. And I miss him yet today. This painting is a work in progress. Not finished yet. #Bernard James Hauber. #Bernard #Hauber


Sightseeing in Europe

Sightseeing in Europe

Reviewing my trip photos is always fun and I was delighted to discover this photo that I took in the small Austrian Village of Mondsee. With so many sights to see I was snapping photos very quickly. I did not realize at the time what an ironic moment that I captured. And yes….it is very photogenic.


Sketchbook Drawing

Sketchbook Drawing

After I returned from an inspirational trip to Europe I am “jumping back into art” by taking a Sketchbook Workshop with Jay Bailey. One of our tasks was to draw a self portrait using our left hand instead of right or if you are left handed use your right hand. It provides you with a wonderful loose rendering that is a great exercise.


Working on Watercolor Today

This has been a week of watercolor for me. There is so much to learn in watercolor and I am finding that hands on experimentation is best. “The Spirit Tree” has been a work in progress. Today I added a lot more color. The small impressionistic trees is a cropped watercolor experiment that I am quite happy with.



Motivated to try Watercolor

Today was a Watercolor Day. After the Sunday Watercolor Workshop I felt like I turned a corner of sorts. Add to that many more hours working in watercolor. This portrait of a woman is today’s work. Looser and more painterly is my next goal.

Portrait of a Woman

Watercolor Workshop Adventure

I had a great time at Oil & Cotton yesterday where I took a Watercolor Portrait Workshop with Jay Bailey. I learned so much in 3 hours and enjoyed every minute of it!